Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
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My that was unnecessarily complicated.

I decided I'd try Thunderbird instead of OS X Mail.app as its multiplatform, and it appeared to have better support for multiple email addresses delivered to the same IMAP server. Because I was dumb I decided to try Thunderbird 2.0a2, and though it did handle my multiple email addresses better. It didn't have a working encryption environment.

I installed enigmail, but it wasn't compatible, so I changed the install.rdf to allow the version of thunderbird I was using. The the password prompt didn't seem to work. So I thought I'd try to use gpg-agent and gpg 2.0.2, which I compiled.

When I tried that it I discovered I lacked a pinentry program, and whenever I tried to compile it I got an error about not having X windows--which is not unexpected on OS X.

However I did have a copy of gtk2 aqua native laying around, so I used ./configure --disable-pinentry-gtk --enable-pinentry-gtk2 --disable-pinentry-qt --enable-pinentry-curses</pre> to disable everything, and ripped out the guts of pinentry/pinentry.c:pinentry_have_display (which was checking for the presence of the DISPLAY variable.)

Once I'd done that it would prompt me for my passphrase, but enigmail just threw a java script error about blockSeparationObj (enigmail.js +2102).

So I commented out
  //if (blockSeparationObj.value.indexOf(" ") > 0) {
  //  exitCode = 2;

And then after adding user_pref("extensions.enigmail.usePGPMimeOption", 2); to my prefs.js file because the UI to default to PGP Mime was missing, I was able to send signed email.

As long as I launch, gpg-agent and thunderbird from the same shell.

I (or someone else ) really needs to do some work at integrating gpg-agent and pinentry into os x better.
Tags: enigmail, gnupg

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