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More warsong gulch

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Jan. 2nd, 2007 | 04:05 pm

After that first shocking win in warsong gulch, we suddenly won two matches in a row. Though then, sadly, another pre-made horde group rolled us before we gave up and went to sleep.

All I can think is some of the horde pre-made groups had to go bed.

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Woot First repsone!

from: dilinger
date: Jan. 3rd, 2007 10:25 pm (UTC)

Just playing.

How much of it is tactics vs sheer numbers?

I forgot the game I played on line but each palyer had 4 or 5 units. You could get Artillery, anti aircraft, Tanks, mecks, infantry and tons of stuff. That was an interesting game. There were always 4 factions and 3 would almost always team up on one. Crazy.

Anywho, you had to hold an area for a certain ammount of time, then it was considered a battle won. People would die and try and poor back in. It kept going on and on. I stopped playing when my free sub ran out. I suppose that is why I don't play wow. But it does seem like a good deal. ten bucks for hour Days of entertainment and happiness.

I mean I just went to the movies last night withmy wife. 17 bucks to get in and 10.50 for nachos and a drink. 27.50. That is the cost of Politics as Usual with tax full pop. I plan that weekly and I own it. I only have the memory of the movies now.

I think that is why I like to pay the cheap ammount 6 bucks or so and see multiple movies. Anywho. I wonder if I stood out in front of a theater if I could sell a few copies. :)(


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