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Server Upgrade

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Nov. 22nd, 2006 | 01:46 am

A confluence of factors led me to start upgrading the Via C3 system which was functioning as my mythtv server to a shiny new Core 2 Duo T7200 system. I've wanted to use Xen to split a single machine into smaller more easily secured units but the C3 wasn't really powerful enough to support very many services. I didn't want to upgrade to a newer CPU as they use far more electricity than the via chips.

Not to mention a friend had set up Xen based systems for his development and production servers, and I couldn't get too far behind technologically.

Wanting to keep computer electricity usage down has gone more mainstream and its now possible to get Mobile on the desktop systems, which seem like they should be pretty comparable in power usage to that of a laptop computer.

Tonight I started installing Xen and LVM onto a hard disk. I wanted to finish the upgrade and have a working replacement for the myth server but I got hung up trying to understand how to create xen systems and how LVMs ability to dynamically create new partitions interacts with xen.

My goal is to setup separate Xen domains for a network management system (with firewall, dhcp server, and dns server), an authentication server (with LDAP and Kerberos), and of course the MythTV server.

It'd also be really nice to be able to quickly create a new Xen domain to run some new code under so I can more easily see what it tries to change.

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