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Nov. 5th, 2006 | 12:51 pm

I think because it ties in with my desire to automatically measure inputs and outputs of me, I was oddly interested in the TOTO intelligent toilet. Alas such a thing isn't remotely available in the low tech united states. However I did discover that TOTO sells the "washlet" which is a replacement toilet seat that includes integrated bidet and blow dryier. For almost the unltimate toilet experience there's also the TOTO Neorest which which is a new reduced water usage motion sensing rimless toilet and washlet.

Needless to say my girlfrend is a bit weirded out by this odd facination with Japanese toilet technology.

While laughing at their advertising videos, I did end up believing that washlets might actually be useful for someone with severe arthritis or hemroids.

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Comments {3}

Vicky the Compost Queen

I think they have the potential to be big water savers

from: vixter
date: Nov. 6th, 2006 05:09 am (UTC)

if it can save a shower every other day.

I'd use one if I had one.

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Diane Trout

Re: I think they have the potential to be big water savers

from: alienghic
date: Nov. 8th, 2006 08:00 am (UTC)

I've always wondered if there was a "no waste" alternative to toilet paper? Though given all the technology that goes into producing one of these toilets, I wonder how the environmental costs compare.

Also since the washlets or bidets seem reasonably popular in other industrialized countries, I wonder what it is about American psychology that is so weirded out by them.

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Re: I think they have the potential to be big water savers

from: dilinger
date: Nov. 8th, 2006 09:26 pm (UTC)

I think they are afraid they might like it and if they like what does that mean about thier sexuality.

It's better just not to know for some people.

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