Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Captians Blog, Stardate 2421.35

I'm glad to be back in space, that investigation at the last base had me spooked. I mean if they dig far enough into anyones past there's always dirt. Thankfully they didn't find anything and I was cleared to lead the next years deep survey mission on the Riechmann.

We're off toward quadrant 23.71 theta, 75.1 gamma, following up on probe J5X41's anomalous readings. (I'm so glad its the bots who get to search through all the boring parts of space.)

Hmm... I wonder if I have any chances with that new yeoman?

End entry.

After seeing too many entries of "Post this in your LJ or else you're a horrible person", I thought I'd try for something at least a little fun. So here's an invitation to write a next "Captains Blog" entry. Just put a link to the "previous entry" and try to pick a greater star date.

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