Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Ambassador West Project

While I was growing up my parents belonged to the World Wide Church of God, which built up a 19.72 acre property in Pasadena as their headquarters and a place to train new ministers. However a number of years ago the church imploded and shortly thereafter ran out of money. As a result over the past few years they've been trying to sell off the property.

In my duties as a transportation comissioner, I'm getting to review a draft environmental impact report for one project that's trying to develop the area.

It's a very weird feeling seeing various places from your childhood memories valued enough for preservation as historic locations or targeted for destruction.

For instance I never liked that old administration building and I'm glad they're trying to preserve the stream that led to the reflecting pool.
Tags: me, pasadena, tac

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