Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Annoying neighbors

My apartment has walls thin enough that one can almost make out the conversation of the people next door under usual circumstances. (Late at night if they're right next to their wall you usually can make out what they're saying.)

During the summer the room next to my bedroom was empty and I was hopeful that "Hyena Boy" was gone, but alas it appears he was only gone for the summer and has returned to regale us with his loud barking laughter.

Why wasn't I willing enough to commit to buy a house when I first moved to Pasadena, and then why'd there have to be this stupid property bubble to make it impossible to afford housing in any moderately desireable region.

I wonder how strong of a team cohesion one could get out of an online workplace? Would VoIP and second life provide some of the important parts of an office environment for a knowledge worker?
Tags: housing, me, second life

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