Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Firefox patch progress

I finished my patch for firefox that enables reading system proxy settings from the OS X system configuration. I packaged it up and submitted it. And then I had the clever idea of applying the patch to a pristine tree and re-building.

Of course once I did that, I remembered that I forgot to include a file.

So then I decided to stop being lazy, checked out a new clean copy of mozilla and reapplied the patch to both OS X and Linux and started building. I then found a couple of places I forgot to make some updates in the Linux version, which meant start all over again with patching the pristine trees.

I hope this current version works.

I also wish that it wasn't so hard to get a distcc set up to build multiple platforms. (distcc is a tool to allow you to use multiple computers to compile your programs) and that I had enough machines laying around to get some short compile times.
Tags: firefox, me, programming

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