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Sept 8th TAC meeting

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Sep. 8th, 2006 | 02:17 pm

This is my rough unofficial recollections of last nights pasadena transportation advisory commission. At some point we approve the official minutes, which this is very much not.

First off it was kind of neat to see my name on a name plate.

Some of the the highlights I found interesting...

gold line traffic snarl

The interface between the gold line light rail and the traffic is "problematic". One of my favorite phrases the consultant Korve Engineering used was there was an "abnormal number of atypical events". The good news is they provided a long list of useful suggestions that should incrementally improve traffic in the region. The bad news is for several of the suggestions we need to convince the MTA to cooperate with us.

The rough idea that was tossed around was to try talking to MTA and then hold a public hearing to share whatever plans come up.

bike grant

Another neat thing was there was a hints that not only has the bike master plan not been forgotten, the city staff managed to get a $450,000 grant that funds 90% of a "bicycle boulevard" project, along northern marengo. There weren't many details yet as it sounded like it was just awarded. Hopefully there'll be a press release in the near future.

We also got to listen to presentations on the Draft EIRs for two projects, one was my employer Caltech, the other was working on the old Ambassador College property (formerly owned by my parents church).

Caltech Draft EIR

The Caltech one seemed pretty straightforward, just an update to the previous master plan. I hope they do remodel the north houses. The proposal was to increasing the size of the north houses without increasing the number of beds to hopefully give the undergrads a bit more space.

Ambassador Project

The Ambassador project presentation was a really good sales pitch. I hope it comes off as nice as the presentation made it sound. (They trying to save many of the really beautiful gardens and mature trees on the site.).

But that was the one project for which there were public comments.

There's a really nice auditorium, Ambassador Auditorium, that can manage high end concert performances. But the church that's currently managing the property is having trouble finding parking for the site, and were unhappy that the new project is likely to make their parking situation even more challenging.

This is pretty tough problem to solve, as the church doesn't have enough money to pay for new parking, and the developers don't really want to subsidize some unrelated group.

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