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Aug. 28th, 2006 | 01:41 am

There's something rather cool about pulling some super science out of your back pocket. My girlfriend was impressed with my streaming XM prototype.

However needing to run a pretty crummy motif app to set the channel wasn't all that great.

Currently I'm taking apart the little motif application and turning the XM PCR handler into a python module, with that I can write a little web front end to control the channel.

(Though it'd be really cool if it could be plugged into mythtv as a separate encoder source)

The other problem is the media server is running with a pretty pathetically slow CPU (because it's low power and can run fanless), so it's a bit unpleasant that the icecast streaming software insists on mp3 encoding the output of the XM. After I can control the XM PCR the next step is to figure out how to stream the raw wav file.

Also doing this gave me a new appreciation for how a magical world might work. Sure the non wizards could theoretically do magical, if they had the right parts laying around and weren't overly frustrated with all the weird hacks needed to keep the jury rig going.
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