Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


So yesterday, I ended up playing D&D 3rd edition from noon to 6. I wonder if I should've instead gone to a protest, but decided that it was easier to not deal with canceling on my friends. The game was scheduled weeks in advance where I only heard about the protest a couple of days ahead of time. (Rationalize, rationalize)

One frustrating detail of this group of gamer friends is one of the guys seems to be interested in me. I've been wondering how to bring up the "I'm not interested in romantic relationships (or physical ones for that matter) with guys."

But then came the even more fun part of the evening I ended up seeing K-Pax with rampling, I liked the way the movie had an ambiguous ending. Later we stopped by my place for some email checking. (Not that either of us might be addicted, nope, no chance at all.)

I, unfortunately, was having some computer problems, which ended up with some amazingly slow netscape performance for her. So she was claiming that my desktop system, fiona, didn't like her and wasn't respecting her.

Shortly thereafter the following message appeared on screen.

"But I *like* you, how could I not respect you - fiona"

Moments later, I, sitting at my laptop, nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

Ah, how do I love thee linux.

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