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I managed to remember a dream, it's unusual that I can remember them long enough that I could write it down. So here's the insanity that typically floats through my head.

The scene opens with The Doctor on board some spacecraft, parts of which start disappearing as agents of evil complete their sabotage and wreck the craft so it's now hurtling toward a star. Being a time lord he managed to skip back in time to when they were getting on the craft and confront the saboteurs.

Unfortunately they start laughing and mention they've destroyed his home before vanishing. He then quickly goes to the pocket universe he created, which has been stripped down to the just the lights by some evil demon forest that devoured everything. Not only was this tragic for the loss of all the cute little sapient life forms, but he'd also manage to win a number of awards for parts of his creation.

Thankfully he had at least a few backups and so started restoring. Unfortunately it mostly just the intelligent creatures and the basic ground, so the restored beings both wanted a drink in their dusty new land and were filled with a burning hatred of the other who'd destroyed their world.

I and the doctor show up with some boats, which confuses them greatly, and we're accused of this being a cruel trick. But the boats were so they could enjoy the newly restored lake, and we take a brief moment for some merriment.

We then cut to a planning session where a smallish group of us are attempting to figure out who the enemy is and what we could do about it.

I managed to explain the problem about the demon forest, but then discover that I'm currently infected with spores from it. My nanobot defenses attempt to fight them off with a brief light show between my hands. Alas these are a particularly virulent strain of demons, and so to protect those around me, I run off toward the nearest fusion reactor--I pause for a moment to upload my most recent memories and then dive in.

One of my other cyborg bodies show up and redownload those memories and we get back to our meeting. My last thought as I wake up was worrying that the demons had managed to hack into me and that when I restored my nanobots would recreate the demons.

Although this is one of the first I can fully remember I do know that a fair number of my recent near waking dreams involve widescale devastation.
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