Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


For a variety of reasons I'd been desiring a newer laptop. (I'm a computer addict, the new ones are all shiny, have better graphics processing units, increased compatibility with my work environment, can play WoW or second life without rebooting (though no DDO or guildwars), and easier configuration of secure wireless networks).

On the negative, apt-get (combined with the obsessiveness of the debian policy manuals) is an amazing thing, few other operating systems can match apt-get for ease of installing software.

There are a couple of projects to provide open source software under OS X (fink and darwinports). However at least fink is amazingly annoying to use--the vast majority of times if you want to install something it'll pull in scores of dependencies. Not to mention it doesn't support intel macs that well yet.

So I dug out an old utility stow to manage my C packages. For my python packages I've tried to use Python Eggs.
Tags: laptop, osx

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