Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

How do I resist?

The US is becoming increasingly police state-ish in a power sharing grab between the corporations and the government. At first we had the DMCA which gave copyright holders plenty of power to limit what people can do with copyrighted works. Now we've had the Anti-terrorism act which pretty much would give the FBI/CIA/NSA full power to wiretap anything, possibly going as far as outlawing encryption.

The next fun restriction is the SSSCA which would require any device or software sold in the US to have government approved security measures. (Hmm I wonder if the approval process would be as easy as the patent office.)

Then I learned about the long history of anthrax threats to the planned parenthood clinics of america.

Also I learned about Tom Finneran's crusade to weaken the power of two progressive women representatives in Massachusetts.

Oh did I mention that the Saudi Government is corrupt, gives money to terrorists, is unpopular, and that if their oil production was stopped for a few years, oil prices would probably spike to $100/barrel. The crown prince is trying to reduce the corruption, but isn't allowed to take power from an incapacitated king because he might reduce the amount of oil going to the US.

Is the whole world about elites keeping or taking power? The oil men want us to stay dependent on oil, and will happily start wars to control the rapidly dwindling supplies.

White patriarchs will do what they can to prevent women from gaining power and influence, that there's still questions in peoples minds about women deserving to be treated equally is incomprehensible to me.

How do we make them stop? As they're in power, the tend to make the rules favor them. What I keep turning to is the idea of stopping playing the current game of western civilization.

The plan floating in the back of my head is to start a small eco-village/co-housing project, switch to locally produced goods, use a local currency, use renewable energy. Basically do everything possible to minimize my dependence on society at large. The fewer people playing the consumerist game, the less power the corporations would have, therefore the less power they'd have over the government. Also if my dream was truly successful and people spent less time working, there'd be more time to be involved in civic society and therefore the people might have more influence over their government.

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