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The shiny new mac laptops were making me envious, because my current linux laptop was annoying me in a couple of ways. When I suspend my laptop, I'd have to stop my music app amarok and kill the sound server. Additionally the handling of the wireless connection is rather finicy.

But I decided to resist the urge to spend money and instead spent time trying to figure out where the sound playing bug was. I made a tiny bit of progress, and then discovered that there's a new release of amarok, and when I have it use a different backend engine, I can successfully suspend and resume.

One thing that bothers me is why oh why are the sound drivers under linux so insanely complicated?

In the beginning there was open sound system, and it was simple and more often than not sound came out of your sound card. Then there was ALSA, and I've never found any documentation that made any sense for it.

Last night I discovered that aRts the kde sound manager not only manages sharing the sound card, but also has a complete sound synthesis module built directly into it. And for some reason the amarok developers are preferring gstreamer or xine over talking to arts. (Those libraries seem to handle the decoding of file formats automatically)

But as long as I stop my app first, I don't have to restart it, now I just need to put up with its instability.

Interestingly one of the jobs they list needing help with is testing, I bet I should try submitting some unit tests, (just as soon as I learn how to use the Qt/KDE unit test module).

Next up is trying to get my wireless to work--although that might be easier if I wasn't using beta net drivers, it seems so useful to be able to have your wireless interface in client, access point, and scanning modes simultaneously.
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