Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

There are a couple of things that are currently annoying me about my linux laptop. First off when I resume from suspend, I have to kill the kde sound daemon if I want to hear anything again (I'm guessing the sound driver needs to be reinitialized). Also wpa_supplicant is really quite annoying and seems rather non-deterministic and quite uninformative when connecting to wireless networks.

This and the fact that the new macbook pro looks all sexy makes me tempted to switch to OS X again. I tried this before and got annoyed with OS Xs package management and needing to click on windows to give them focus, so I then switched back to linux.

I shared this dilemma with dragonblink and she reminded me that the price of one of those shiny laptops would make a big dent in how much I owe on my car. After doing a bit of math, I discovered that if I can make the same payment I made this month, next month, the remaining balance on my car loan is actually the price of one of those laptops.

New laptop vs paid off car.

I should stop slacking and do things the linux way and try to fix the things that are annoying me in linux. Though if you're running OS X you really should take a look at Quicksilver, it's like a combination search, command line-esque hot key thingy.

If you trigger the hot key it'll try to find the most relevent things, in things like your bookmarks, running applications, most recent file list, etc. Once selected you can then with a couple more quick keystrokes perform a variety of tasks, like opening or emailing or all sorts of other fun.

The start page is rather sparse so if interested you start at the tutorial page.

(this post entered using w3m to avoid those nasty cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in LJ)

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