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Nifty box with connectors

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Nov. 30th, 2005 | 01:38 pm

I have a problem, I have a weakness for neat things that plug into my computer.

I (allegedly) was trying to get a microphone for voice over IP, instead of getting a gaming headset I was tempted by trying to connect a "real" microphone to my computer. I'd found GarageBand Microphone Cable which looked to be a good solution for connecting a mic to a computer. Unfortunately for me, the store didn't have that in stock, and while browsing I instead found the UA-25 USB audio capture device. (I also ordered an SM57 mic.)

I'd previously tracked down the UA-25 as it's a nice portable box with SPDIF I/O and MIDI which would integrate well with my audio equipment (it apparently even works under linux). However it is utter and complete overkill for my stated voice over IP purpose.

Yet I find myself also browsing learn to play the piano books, and trying to figure out how to get one of the software MIDI synthesizer working properly.

Is it just my tech fetish coming out, or is there also some suppressed desire to
create my own music. (Which I have the default assumption of "that's too hard for people like me").
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