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Mother annoyance

This being the holiday season, and holidays being times that people traditionally spend time with their family, I find myself more frequently having to deal with my mother. (My father has long since disappeared from my life, after I managed to force him to stop procrastinating on a removing his name from my old car by threatening to show up on his doorstep).

I've mentioned my current girlfriend to my mother, and really the only question she's asked me is "if it's serious?". Last night this led to her telling me that she didn't want to meet some string of various people. This really bugged me, everything that I currently know about relationships is that you need to date several people so you can learn both how to actually be in a relationship, and also what personality meshes well with your own.

I still talk to her out of a sense of duty, but any time I start to reveal anything about my own life I end up feeling like we're living in two mutually-unintelligible universes.
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