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Die capitalist pigs

And your legislative lap dogs too.

I was reading Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes which talks about how the phone companies, after merging back into Ma Bell, want to once again dominate the communications infrastructure with centralized controlled networks. This central control is designed to keep them in power and to keep the big media companies happy by preventing "piracy" or with our highly restrictive intellectual monopoly system blocking any form of derivative work.

These limits would likely destroy the possibility of the net to allow individuals to self organize in new social structures--such as the nets ability to allow individuals to sell stuff in a global marketplace without needing a mega corporation distribution system, or enabling a highly creative playground to let people improvise off of each others works.

When looking at the legislation designed to restrict the net, I am compelled to ask who should I blame for it? Is it the telcos? Is it government?

While thinking about that I realized that who you blame for the various restrictions on individual freedoms stems from what media you are exposed to. If you're in the cato institute crowd, everything would be better if there was just less government meddling. If you're part of the typical anti-corporate crowd, the problem is corporate money corrupting the democratic process.

If you're me, both sides are broken, and what I really want to do is move to a radical DIY culture where small groups are responsible for creating their own laws and building their own stuff. Since, I'm not so convinced anarchism works either, I end up fluctuating between wanting to stop buying anything from large corporations and paying taxes to anything larger than a county, to believing that the common people would have more freedom if government and business had an antagonistic checks-and-balances relationship.
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