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According to www.ameinfo.com Kuwait's biggest field starts to run out of oil, this would be the worlds second biggest oil field. I found the link off of a comment in Prepare for peak oil now an essay written by richard heinberg of alternet.org

Also Grist interviews Matthew Simmons one of the peak oil prognosticator with the best credentials for understanding the world oil.

I wonder how we could convince congress to fund a transcontinental bullet train line, or that the very least one that runs up both coasts. It'd suck a lot less if we built it know than if we waited until most of the oil was unavailable. I'm not sure how many of us really would even be physically capable of building a rail line like was done for the first 1860s line. (I guess we could reuse some of the infrastructure that we have now, but converting our heavy rail system to run on electricity would be challenging.)
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