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Torture in the Cheney administration, links to several newspaper articles of how Cheney is campaigning to allow torture as a military tactic, of how we are now using a soviet gulag to "hold" undesirables.

It left me tempted to making up some posters...

The iconic abu ghraib photo of the prisoner wired up with a hood standing on a box, with the caption "I was a republican sex slave".

I'm sure there are other similar images that could show the republican party as the party of torturers. To be fair, they are not all torturers, McCain for instance had the amendment baning torture, (which cheney is currently trying to work around). Both the republicans and democrats have been far too lax in letting this evil grow--the democrats by being pathetic and the republicans for supporting the monsters at their head. Linking the republican brand to that of being torturers will force those republicans who believe torture to be wrong to either leave the party, or distance themselves by cleaning house by impeaching Bush and Cheney.
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