Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Saturday, a day in hyperlinks

Today I wanted to go see if the technical bookstore had a copy of Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering, and so I biked over to the metro, picked up my day pass and went off toward the depths of hollywood.

I didn't actually know if they'd have the book in stock, but I wanted to escape my tendency to stare at my computer too much and instead read a book, a task for which public transit is ideal. At one point on the train my brain picked up the keyword "exxon-mobil" and I got to listen to one black guy talk about how he'd read that exxon mobil was making billions.

I eventually made it to the store, but alas, they like the local boarders only thought they had a copy, the actual physical copy disappeared years before.

(I know it creates a major potential for an invasion of privacy, but RFID tags in all the books so they can do an automated nightly inventory would be so convenient.)

While there I saw an interesting looking but exceedingly expensive book on Virtual Humans, but instead left with a book on Mobile ad hoc wireless networking

As I took the long way back to the train station by way of Amoeba Records, I passed by a small community garden. Aside from being a a peaceful patch of green amongst all the barred buildings, they had a suite of solar panels.

Also along that same road someone had taped one of the human silhouette targets typically used for handgun practice to their window. (Of course the heart region was peppered with holes).

While riding around on the train I managed to finish Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. I'm going to have to say, that buried in there was one of the harshest ways to dump someone I'd heard of.

Imagine for a moment a world where people can make (hopefully frequent) backups of themselves, and if killed, can just be restored from backup. You lose whatever happened since that backup but otherwise are a happy healthy copy of yourself. Now imagine someone who tells you, I'm sorry but this relationship was so bad for me that, I'm going to restore from a backup from before we met.
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