Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


Recently I found a note in my mailbox saying that my mail-carrier decided my mailbox was too full and dumped all my mail at the post office. This is mostly because I can't be bothered to open the box as I carry my bike past it. The only things that regularly show up in my mailbox are the unaddressed flyers like the pennysaver. I get a couple of monthly statements, and then the government sends those annual things like car registration or taxes.

Needless to say since I don't like getting all the other junk mail that I then have to trash I was briefly entertaining the idea of just refusing my mail and trying to make sure that all the important things get delivered electronically.

Sadly I decided it wouldn't work, but it was a nice dream to be able to cut off one more cursed source of push advertising.
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