Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

My birthday summary

So I had a good time time, I went over to a friends house and played illuminati with them and two other friends. At the very moment someone won my non-gamer friend showed up. We then went out to a yummy all-vegetarian chinese restaurant. Mmm... the breading that is usually orange chicken is good on pretty much anything.

I kind of wish there were a few more people, but then I wasn't terribly great at notifying people ahead of time. Hmm.... perhaps I should make a big deal out of my 32nd birthday, being a power of two and all.

Yesterday I went and had dinner with my mother and it was tolerable, though I did discover my mother voted for bush for the most evil reason possible. Becase "Bush had a personality".

On the down side after both dinners I ended up spending some time feeling rather nauseous, to the point of being sick. I don't know if it was because I ate too fast, had food richer than I'm used to, have developed some digestive problems, or caught some weird disease from a coworker who wouldn't stay away when sick.

Currently I'm beginning to think the coworker theory seems more believable. He had something that made him feel really nauseous and not be able to eat for several weeks, and had a fever at night, but felt fine during the day.

So if I feel icky tomorrow on my regular diet, I should go to the doctor.

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