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Car Lunge

This "morning" on my way to work about 11:15, I was riding along Union and Michigan, when some older green sedan (I think an accord, but am not the slightest bit certain of that) sort of lunged out at my bike in a sudden acceleration/sudden stop kind of way. It looked like there were two guys in the car. For what ever reason I felt like they'd done it intentionally (Lets scare the bicyclist) so I flipped them off. This might not have been the wisest action, as a bit later I saw a similar looking green car driving along wilson.

My initial thought was a couple of mal-adjusted teens who thought they'd have a laugh by trying to be threatening with their car. (AKA assault with a deadly weapon). Having been socialized in a violent culture my first thought was damn I want a CCW permit.

Later thoughts included hoping that we hurry up with gasoline becoming unavailable so privately owned motor vehicles can disappear. (Thus making life much safer and quieter for everyone in urban environments).
Tags: biking

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