Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


My girlfriend was a bridesmaid for one of her close friends. Since the wedding was this weekend I found myself tagging along to idyllwild. Though really we didn't have much time alone together, we did at least get to curl up with together. This had some advantages and disadvantages, first and foremost it was really nice to hold her again. Second, idyllwild being fairly high up in the mountains gets quite cold in the mornings, and when the heater in our cabin-esque residence didn't work, having a warm body is a great alternative to shivering by yourself. On the downside, I think we're both light sleepers and so I think we have a tendency to wake each other up. (Sleep dep is not your friend.)

The wedding was rather neat, and I ended up with the important task of pressing the play button and switching playlists in iTunes for the theme music during the ceremony. (The guys who set the equipment up were in the the wedding party). Also I learned one restaurant napkin folding trick.

Her friends seem really cool and well suited for each other.

Also I'd never seen the prius battery end up completely empty (the way up), or completely full (the way down) before.

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