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I've been watching the news about Katrina, and its effects on gasoline prices, and have been struggling to maintain some sense of safety.

I live with a strong sense that at any moment the world could suddenly break, and then I went and filled it up with stories about global warming, peak oil, aquifer depletion, etc. Needless to say its very easy for me to start think that the world is about to end. I found Did God send the Hurricane mildly reassuring as the writer pointed out how many raised with apocalyptic christianity just change stories but still maintain the same dread of the future.

I can tell others are shocked by this even too, I'm not really shocked, I'm more terrified about similar things happening more frequently, or perhaps that Katrina will topple the US economy or a whole host of other things that my mind is more than happy to torment me with.

I need some way to live with out this constant anxiety. At this point my first reaction isn't to help the victims of Katrina, its instead to make sure that my disaster kit is complete. I don't want it scattered around my house, it needs to be in some backpack or saddlebag thing so I can evacuate in a couple of moments.

Its hard to tell whats reasonable and what is just insecurity clawing at me, currently I'm trying to convince myself that the FEMA disaster preparedness handbook is reasonable.

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