Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

RPG/World of Warcraft

I've wanted to play GURPS transhuman space for a while, but many of the people I play with find GURPS far too complicated as a role playing game system. I've thought about trying to do a d20 conversion so i could try to get them to play. (d20 isn't necessarily the "most perfect" system, but it's "good enough" which if the software world is any indication is really what you should be aiming for). Partially I miss actual science fiction as it feels like there's a large push back toward fantasy, as the future seems hopeless and far to alien for most of us.

But while at the game store with my girlfriend I saw the World of Warcraft RPG, needless to say it was quite tempting, there are many many things one can do in a table top game that one can't do in a computer RPG, like have more social interaction and try talking to the opposing faction.

Also azeroth is an interesting game world, in that it is much higher tech than the typical fantasy world, I'd say its getting dangerously close to steampunk.

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