Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


Last night I managed to resist the call of WoW for a bit and got something interesting done. Its a challenge managing me feeling lonely when I'm living alone versus my desire to build fun stuff (which when I just play games, I start to feel bad from the lack of doing anything nifty).

I'd been staring at OpenWRT, and had been thinking about how a reprogrammable copy of linux on my router might be useful. Like there's various home automation things I wish I could make work, but a standard desktop uses to much power, and the hard disks are too likely to melt in the summer, but small embedded computers, they're a bit more robust. (And about 8 watts is way better than 70 watts (recent AMD64) or even 25 watts (mac mini or via epia m600))

So last night I reflashed it and got linux up and running, I had some trouble getting dnsmasq to serve static IP addresses. I'm not sure if had /etc/ethers wrong or if it just didn't work. I ended up putting the mac-address to name translation in the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file, and then putting the hostname to ip address in the /etc/hosts file. I also tried to change its IP address from the default 192.168.1.x address range, but it didn't work, this morning I discovered that the firewall script was using hard coded IP addresses.

Future plans include getting SIP Express Router @ Home working on the box so my IP phones can talk to each other (and hopefully the rest of the world) I'm also thinking of using an nslu2 to serve up music files and authentication services for my network. In the longer term there's perhaps shoving a solar panel in my window to power some of these systems.

Though I did just learn about the asus wl-500g deluxe which combines the features of the two linksys products. Router + 2 USB ports, and with a custom firmware, that could be a home automation controller, web server, or since these things can run off of batteries perhaps a wireless art project.

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