Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

libertarianism and the rod of power

My roommate's boyfriend is a hardcore libertarian (lets call him Adam for the moment) and so I've periodically gotten into arguments with him about "modern liberalism" versus "economic neo-liberalism".

First off lets be clear about something, the real issue I have with libertarianism isn't that of money or the allocation of resources, it's power.

Adam liked to complain about how he disliked government because of its abuses of power.

Something just connected in my mind today, one of the things I've noticed about all the various pro-libertarian people I've met, they're all educated, white, and usually male. Of course they're whining about the government having too much power, the last 100 years has been about everyone else taking power from the whitey and redistributing this power, and this redistribution has happened through the government, so of course
the white man is unhappy with those pesky liberals interfering with his privileged life through the government.

Let me inform all of those educated white men out there. You are what the feminists refer to as "privileged" you have access to resources in ways that those who are less privileged will never have.

For instance, compare your life with that of say, one of that of latinia transgendered woman. Because they are obviously different their ability to do something as simple as graduate from high school is limited by the likelihood of being killed. Not unsurprisingly there's a fair number of them who end up as prostitutes for men with a certain amount of kink to their sexuality. The privileged white boy will have attended better schools, have more powerful friends who help them find better jobs, they will be treated better by the police and government, they will even just do better because they expect that the world owes them a better life.

Let me pop your bubble Mr. White Boy, you do not deserve your privilege, the effort you may or may not have personally invested in your status is a tiny fraction of what was needed to give you what you have. Think of the various natives who were slaughtered by your (ok our) ancestors though the tactical use of things like smallpox infected blankets.

Or what about since most professions were male dominated, its been very difficult for women to achieve parity because the men who were already in power helped mentor those more like themselves.

As for the argument that a corporation doesn't have the same power as a government because it doesn't have the coercive power of the soldier, you obviously haven't heard of Coke's likely involvement in murdering union organizers in columbia or perhaps the link between cheveron and the nigerian government in killing several protesters

Fundamentally the flaw in Libertarianism is its lack of protection for the weak.

(And to be fair, I harassed a group of american communists about how they'd prevent the abuses of power seen in the soviet union).

I personally think that a complex creaky system where governments, churches, and businesses are all struggling to limit each others power provides a far better system for protecting the weak than any ideologically pure system.

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