Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

KDE is neat

I recently installed kde 3.4 on several of my computers and finally discovered the joys of DCOP, (see for instance, Connect KDE applications using DCOP).

The following little code fragment will grab a text buffer from kate one of the kde text editors and then run it from within the python shell

def runkatebuffer():
docid = pydcop.DCOPObject('kate', 'KateDocumentManager').activeDocumentNumber()
docref = pydcop.DCOPObject('kate', 'EditInterface#%d' % docid)
amarok</a> is quite comparable to itunes. I think most of everything they've implemented is better than iTunes, its just missing two features that I liked in iTunes: the ability to independently rate songs (they auto-rate based off of how many times you played the song); and a browser for internet music streams.

They do have stuff that iTunes is utterly lacking, like "play suggested songs", and then there's the album cover and lyric browser, though I think there are add-ins for iTunes that handle that.

The connectivity in KDE is good enough that it pulled me away from emacs, because being able to open a random file on svn+ssh://hostname/svn/project (in addition to all the other kio slaves is really really impressive).

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