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I picked up one of the logitech headsets and paired it with my phone. It sounds pretty decent, (though I wish it was stereo so I could use it as an audio player...)

Later in the evening I upgraded the kernel on my laptop and rebuilt my 802.11 drivers. After that I was able to pair the headset with the laptop. KDE Bluetooth is definitely getting better.

Next I just have to see about getting alsa to talk to the headset and then I can pretty much use my laptop as a VoIP phone in a reasonably convenient way.

So then the question is what VoIP provider to use, do I stick with vonage, who doesn't let you use your own equipment but is doing the best at connecting to the 911 network, or do I try broadvoice or skype. I wonder how long until I can replace my cell phone.

Ever so slowly I'm managing to cut my ties to the various utility companies...

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