Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

IEA and Saving Oil In a Hurry

Jim Kunstler's most recent commentary (AKA blog) mentioned.
Last week, the International Energy Agency, after years of dithering, warned of an imminent global oil shortage and made a list of surprisingly draconian recommendations, from lowering speed limits in all the advanced industrial nations, to a reduced work week, to a ban on using privately-owned vehicles

After a statement that strong I had to go look for some corroborating information. Al Jazeera reported Energy body wants brakes on fuel consumption. Unfortunately the original pdf of Saving Oil in a Hurry isn't currently available from the IEA's website.

However I did troll an html version out of google's cache and saved it over here.

It feels a bit strange to have ones fringe beliefs move into the mainstream, the near future looks to be quite the interesting times.

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