Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

More insanity instead of working

So I saw on slashdot that hitachi has figured out yet another trick for cramming more data onto a disk, the article claims that around 2007 they'll have single 3.5" terabyte disks. This then lead to the talking about the personal petabyte, the idea that recording all of your sense data over your life time should be on the order of one petabyte, if the computer industries past performance continues this suggests you could have affordable petabyte arrays in the mid 2010s.

This then leads to an interesting question.

If you become a cyborg that records all of your sense data, would you be allowed to serve on a jury, or go see a movie?

Think of the copyright chaos that would ensue if a large swath of the population had retrievable digital copies of everything they experience.

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