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My truth is better than your truth

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Mar. 29th, 2005 | 02:28 pm

Target by Conservatives for Teaching Philosophy, describes florida senate bill SB2126 and claims that this bill will make it possible for students to sue teachers for not allowing equal time for a variety of viewpoints.

The author describes trying to challenge students to see the relativism in being pro-war and anti-abortion only to be yelled at, or a student trying to make a presentation on "thou shalt not kill" as if it was equally important to plato in a class on philosophy.

I can certainly see how the equal time provision fits very strongly into the language used to try and get intelligent design into biology classrooms.

It seems like we're entering a phase where the intensity if belief is what makes something true.

As a result, I might want to point to Richard Hienberg's (one of the Peak Oil writers) current museletter discussion of a couple of books, Jared Diamonds Collapse, and more appropriate for the above story Dark Age Ahead by Jane Jacobs.

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