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Meditations on Moving

I spent the last week moving out of my old apartment and in with a roommate. It tends to take me a long time as I'm really rather bad at asking for help, though my girlfriend did offer her, her father, and their pickup truck to help me. They were able to help me move most of the big awkward stuff but then there were the score of boxes, and the bookshelves etc.

One of the things I noticed was that before moving, i thought to myself, I don't have that much stuff it wont take that long.

I now sort of understand how women can have more than one child--one forgets the pain. (Admittedly moving is probably not that comparable, but still I did forget how annoying it was to move.

So I'm now living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate, this is only the second time I've ever tried living with someone I wasn't related to.

I also want to share that pasadena is pretty obnoxious in its parking restrictions.

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