Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


Still alive, though still avoiding my life by living vicariously through my world of warcraft character. I do intended to everyone who responded to me when i was last still playing with LJ.

Some of reality has impinged on my in some weight gain from having sat in front of my computer far too long. This led to a bizarre idea for how to include some exercise in ones online gaming.

My first idea was to use an alpha grip controller and just require that I stand to play. After sharing my idea with my coworkers this led to another idea of using a dance dance revolution pad as a way of controlling in-game movement. Since the alpha grip isn't being shipped till February one could use a handheld mouse-like thing (as used for presentations) for targeting and strap a numeric keypad configured as the special ability trigger to ones leg.

That should certainly be better for you than sitting for hours on end, though perhaps it'd be even better if motion was controlled by running on a treadmill.

Or maybe I could just go outside.

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