Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


I've been playing online computer games, everqeust 2 and world of warcraft for the past couple of weeks as a way of escaping from my life and reality.

Whenever I start facing reality, I start getting depressed.

Unbearable sadness of others' pain might explain why.

I do tend to empathize well, though I do try to prevent myself just so I can survive.

I've stared too far into the nature of the ecological catastrophes that humanity has created, and if i let myself feel i end up crying for all of those species we are exterminating.

I sometimes feel for humanity, but mostly i've slid into feeling like we are all guilty for causing this extinction event and so it'll take something like a large scale die off before there's a hope that we might learn that we too have to cooperate with maintaining the ecosystem.

Though living with the belief that 2/3rds to 5/6ths of humanity will have to meet an untimely death to bring our population down to a point we can maintain without industrial agriculture is horrifying.

We could've listened in the 70s to the "Limits to Growth" when we could've done something about it, but now we've overshot our carrying capacity and we're going down, and we're taking a large swath of the web of life with us.

It's a small wonder why I keep trying to hide.

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