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WoW vs EQ2

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Nov. 21st, 2004 | 10:57 pm

The free beta for world of warcraft ended and i was still in the mood for playing in a fantasy world so I went and picked up EQ2.

I think I actually prefer WoW.

The quick description of how the games differ, is WoW feels like a game, while EQ2 is more of a toy. The second you land in WoW things happen to pull you into the story. EQ2, being a much larger world, has a lot of wandering around looking for stuff. The EQ2 craft system is somewhat overwhelming with the number of choices of things that one can make, while I found the WoW craft system easier to browse.

The EQ2 quest system allows breaking up quests by region and supports tracking more quests, but suffers from several flaws. The most critical of which is that EQ2's quest system asks you to accept a quest before telling you the quest is, WoW actually gives you the full text before asking if you want to do the quest. I also found the ! and ? symbols over quest sources and destinations helpful. It seemed like EQ2 quest givers usually called out to you, but they still didn't give much help in finding the destination. Actually WoW also tended to give better directions for where to go to satisfy the quest. In EQ2 I ended up wandering over a gigantic map typing /loc trying to figure out how to reach my target several times. WoW is very helpful for finding quests where the destination is an NPC, the little mini-map points toward them, and when you get to the destination there's a ? over their head telling you where to go. I will admit that some of the time I had trouble finding the end of quests that were objects as the ? didn't show up.

EQ2's ability to customize the appearance of your character is awe-inspiring, and yet I liked the lush greenery in WoW's scenery better.

I think EQ2 is planning on using a gigantic space to explore for repeat play value, while I suspect that WoW is designed around their player-vs-player system for maintaining challenge. (Also WoW's PvP system is designed really well. The conflict happens between the alliance and hoard in specific contested territories. So you can trust those on your side, and can avoid the contested regions until you're ready.)

After playing WoW I kept wanting to play more, while playing EQ2 makes me want to go join the SCA and hang out with wiccans. Basically EQ2 feels so involved that the jump to learning how to craft things in real life doesn't feel that far off.

Oh yes, and the eye-candy to computer horsepower ratio is without question in favor of WoW. My hardware is off at the minimum requirements for EQ2, but could play WoW pretty comfortably.

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Sad to see you dont like the game and wont be joining us..

from: geeki
date: Nov. 24th, 2004 08:33 pm (UTC)

Personally I felt WoW was like playing a cartoon.

To each his own :)

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