Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

The abyss

I disturb myself.

I was looking at the latest vegan propaganda linking to various stories criticizing "low-carb" diets. (suit seeks warning label for atkins diet: dieter says advice lead to heart ills or a carb is a carb is a carb: the misleading marketing of packaged low-carb products.

Low carb diets lead to missing out on fiber rich foods that protect ones heart. Not to mention that 70,000 person study showing that Red, processed meat ups [type 2] diabetes risk.

But now to the disturbing thought, my sense of justice has frequently been offended that the global poor are the ones sucking up the environmental collapse caused by the wealthy who are burning through all of our ecosystem capital. (just like all those americans burning through their house equity).

I've thought that it would be just if there was some way of deliberately targeting the rich<*> with some sort of disease as a karma for the damage we're causing. At some point I then realized that these dietary diseases are plagues that target the rich.

So eat up, munch that mercury contaminated fish, down that mad cow beef, pass up those healthy vegetables. I'm glad that you've chosen to help lower the human population back toward through a slow form of suicide.

I really need to do something to help me become less misanthropic.

<*> Rich in this case means anyone living in the US who can afford housing, which in the global scheme of things is rich.

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