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Nov. 10th, 2004 | 02:11 pm

Ok, so I went to see eleni mandell last night and she was really good (as always).

I was supposed to go with sapience but she had been laid low by whatever everyone is getting so I went by myself.

When I'm really paying attention to music it's really hard for me to not dance, sway, or in some other way move with the music, which led to an interesting event last night.

I was half dancing in the corner, when some guy came up and said, "hey you look like someone who'd really like to dance but doesn't want to be the only one." With a lead in like that I had to go dance with him. We ended up periodically chatting about dancing and music for the rest of the evening. He even seemed kind of fun and maybe i should've gotten some contact information.

The other clever idea is by going to these straight places and getting flirted with, maybe I can learn how to flirt with women myself. So far I've reacted well to guys where were being cheery and pleasant.

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Diane Trout

(no subject)

from: alienghic
date: Nov. 10th, 2004 07:09 pm (UTC)

Yes, this guy was really good at it without triggering any of my feeling creeped out vibes.

Though I did realize afterward that another common conversational starter, is "do you have an accent?" as a way of getting someone to talk about where they're from. It sounds like your interested and for most people in LA, they're from somewhere else.

I should either observe people more, or take the advice of some of my friends and actually try going up to women and talking to them. They claim that this strategy works for them.

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