Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Women & Guns

Some years ago I was at a green party event and listened to a talk by Sara Amir, an Iranian woman who "provoked the new regime by her refusal to wear the Muslim cover hejab, becoming a leader among her female coworkers."

She pointed out how if the fundamentalists rise to power, all of the rights that women have fought for have can be stripped away in a few years.

Combined with the "frailty myth", I'm wondering if we women should be able to defend our freedom with weapons. The frailty myth argued that rape, as a systematic tool of oppression intended to keep women weak and fearful is best countered by physically strong women who can fight back. (Stress based self defence training like Impact is also plus.)

It is unfortunate, but one way to limit abuses by the state is to be able to shoot back. The zapatista movement managed to gain concessions for indigenous people after 500 years of being oppressed once they went on the offensive with modern PR and weapons.

So am I crazy or does it make sense to be able to back up non-violent resistance with the credible ability to use violence?

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