Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


200 messages behind. and I've only been busy for 3 days.

But at least the app I converted to a web app is functional enough so the reviewers will hopefully accept our paper.

Also I and my coworkers have been kicked out of our nice office and sent to the basement dungeon (it's a long story involving a picky, grumpy, donor.)

Also feeling stressed as my boss's os x version of eudora decided it doesn't like her mailbox any longer. (It keeps crashing after attempting to rebuild the index.)

There's a reasonably good chance that there's been some mutual flirting with a lesbian student at caltech.

Spent some time thinking about peak oil and history and have managed to re-convince myself that the world is going to completely end because of peak oil (highly inconvenienced yes, but not ending)

I've almost finished my waster for my trip to the the arma training. After mentioning this to several people and seeing the interest, including from the above mentioned cute woman, I realized that there's probably more than enough interest at caltech to try and convince one of their instructors to come out and do their training program.

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