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So that Guardian UK article linked to on slashdot, about the rate of CO2 emissions accelerating over the past two years was kind of depressing. Admittedly only a couple of years isn't enough to be certain of anything, but it certainly doesn't bode well.

Though the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas most recent newsletter peak oil is knocking on our door. There item 429 lists several pieces of evidence for peak oil, such as Of the 48 largest oil-producing countries which BP lists, which account for at least 98 percent of world oil extraction, only 17 were past their peaks as of 1993 but 31 were past peak as of 2002, not counting Denmark and Angola, which may have peaked that year. and Decline has set in among many major producers. In each year 1993-1997, at least 30 major producing countries showed output increases. The tables have turned. Output declined in 29 major countries in 2001, in 27 in 2002 and 22 in 2003. Yet oil prices in this period were much higher than in 1993-1997, and rising. So was consuption. This, surely, is a strong sign that economic forces alone do not govern how much oil is extracted and that geological reality, i.e., resource finitude and depletion, is starting to take over.

Of course if I think about these things too much I start to go back to the apocalyptic world view of my parents and start assuming that the society I currently live in wont survive. My current best guess most places on earth would like like the conditions of a poor third world country or failed state. Assuming the greenhouse effect doesn't run away and fry all of us.

And at that point I start feeling like a paranoid survivalist, and want to know how to grow food, defend myself with armed and unarmed combat, treat injuries and disease, and how to build stuff.

Though surviving a collapsed ecosystem would be "challenging".

It is a good question of how much effort to put into survival training versus just enjoying the moment. Simple things like storing some water and food, and making an emergency kit seem pretty reasonable. Buying a gun and taking a martial art seem more questionable.

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