Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Red v Blue

Recently one of my coworkers was talking about a right-wing essay one of the few really right wing scientists around here forward him. He found it to be more comprehensible than the usual polemic, apparently the thesis was that since we're having such a hard time reaching a compromise, perhaps we should just divide up the country and let each group go its merry way.

My coworker thought this was reasonable right up until the essayist ended it with the phrase "freedom loving red states".

It just occurred to me that the split between "red" and "blue" is about differing conceptions of what is freedom. In my understanding the "blue" (traditional left wing) is valuing personal social freedoms, but at the expense of a larger governmental bureaucracy to administer conflicts in a multicultural society. Whereas the "red"s want more economic freedom by reducing the role of government, but then conforming to cultural traditions take a larger role to to keep society organized and orderly.

It would seem under this theory both groups are fighting for the freedoms they consider most important, while viewing the other sides freedom as inherently dangerous.

I know I as a pretty extreme left winger view the conservatives love of military power and unfettered consumerism as dangerous and find their focus on conformity incredibly oppressive. But then I don't fit into their culture. They conversely view my views about how we are responsible for providing for the unlucky as theft.

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