Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


Like many before me I realized that the self is like a dream.

It seems like in constructing a dream ones brain takes various experiences and ideas from ones life and culture and then randomly reassembles these components.

I occurred to me that a similar process maybe occurring to construct the self--in this case the type of brain that one has absorbs and interprets the various types of experience that one can have. Ranging from purely physical things like feeling the wind wrap around yourself to the most abstract products of society, like higher math or philosophy.

The brain then takes these experiences, and like one does in a dream one attempts to assemble the various fragments into something that ones brain can understand.

I'm sliding off to the space that what I consider me, the particular collection of hopes, dreams, and fears, cannot in any meaningful way exist separate from the culture I developed in.

The thing that that can react to stimuli immediately because it's all collected into one mobile thing (aka "my" body) is perhaps the location with the highest density of "me"-ness, However my computers, apartment, and tools are also part of me, then my friends and coworkers also contribute to me. It's easy for "me" to perceive how this conception of "me" can spread, like gravity, throughout at least our world.

And no, this idea isn't in the slightest bit new, many generations of introspective people have said all of this before.

But it does makes more sense to me right now.

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