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Jul. 28th, 2004 | 12:15 am

I was redesigning my character for one of the RPGs I'm in and I noticed something interesting...

The characters that I've most recently designed have all been flaming extroverts. (well at least the 2 most recent). They're incredibly charismatic and attractive, in addition to being bright.

I wonder if my idealized self is shifting some.

Although the character i was working on, Alexis, because of a quirk of the game system ended up being far sluttier than I'd ever want to be. Though it has been interesting playing an anything-that-moves bisexual. However after she'd gotten tricked after having sex with the forces of evil she has been a bit more cautious about jumping into bed with anything that seems remotely interested in her.

On the other hand perhaps I would like some of her ability to flirt with people she finds attractive, instead of my current tendency to become extra shy.

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