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The Anarchist in the Library

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Jul. 23rd, 2004 | 01:10 am

Today i was a lemming and went and got a book reviewed on slashdot--The anarchist in the library.

I'm not sure what I should think about me being so interested in a book about the conflict between the competing visions of the oligarchs and anarchists for how culture should be created and distributed. One of the interesting observations is that as the handful of media companies continue to try and centralize the ability to create and distribute content through various legal and technical tools their excesses radicalize those who feel alienated by their actions.

Or as they try to block anything other than their very narrow idea of legitimate use, it becomes increasingly likely to consider the entire copy right law as invalid and just ignore them and focus on illegal media.

I've certainly seen this tendency in myself, early on I was rather careful about making sure that my media was properly licensed, now I'm trying to make sure that none of my money goes to support the companies who are trying to control media through copy right. Things like the induce act have radicalized me to the point of desperatly wanting t to see their rotting corporate carcasses being fed to the vultures of online auctions.

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