Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Break up

That was a relatively pleasant break up last night.

We went to a restaurant and had a rather calm casual conversation completely avoiding anything emotionally charged. After the restaurant closed and we left we exchanged some stuff and she said "so we can be friends". At that point I said, "weren't we supposed to talk".

So we did, we agreed that we were rather different in what we considered important and thus really shouldn't be that involved with each other. I did eventually ask why she was avoiding me, and it was because she was still angry and/or hurt by me and wanted to calm down.

Though even with everything going well and being so expected, I still did cry a little bit.

Well, now I just have to find some courage and email some of those women who match me well on OK Cupid.

I'm impressed in that although don't remember any specific questions about role playing games, many of the people I match well, do play such games.

Somehow I think people who play games and like computers are far more compatible with me than someone whose in to movies and really likes daylight.

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