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travel is sucky.

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Jun. 26th, 2004 | 01:23 am

Some time ago it appears that I forgot that there is a world that exists before 10 AM.

I booked a flight leaving to come up to SF for the Dyke march/Pride/Trying on corset mock ups for 8:15 PM.

When I showed up at the airport they told me that they didn't have any more flights this evening. I think looked more closely at my e-ticket and noticed the 8:15 "AM".

People actually do stuff in the morning? How weird.

Thankfully the nice woman at the united counter put me on another flight leaving from LAX. (well, after standing in the wrong line a couple of times. Those rapid check in lanes looked so tempting, but since I'd done something weird I needed to talk to a human--Which meant the long line.

Since I was supposed to meet my girlfriend up here after she drove up with some friends I called the hotel to make sure that she could get a key as well. It seemed like the best way to use that queue time.

Then with boarding pass in hand I went to my gate, and a few moments after the boarding time passed a "uniformed crew members" told us, that there was going to be a delay because the engine was idling low, and thus was at risk of flaming out. They first put some of us on a different flight, and then the captain managed to find another plane.

I decided to go with the other plane since we'd lost some of the passengers to the first flight, I suspected it would be fairly sparse.

While getting on the plane I then called my girlfriend and discovered that they too had been delayed by a fire along the 5, and that since we didn't know how she could get from the east bay to near SFO after midnight, she'll be staying some where else tonight.

Also just for something to look forward to, the flight that I'm currently booked on will go back the airport I was originally supposed to fly out from. Since I flew out elsewhere, I will be looking forward to figuring out some way of trying to recover my car on sunday.

I'm tired, hungry, and alone, and still stressed from travelling, but at least someone is providing me with free wireless net access.

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